NGO for true change

We are a non-profit, Malagasy-Swiss development organisation and are committed to Madagascar's village community of Fihaonana.

CHF received donations
staff members
years of experience

A Fihaonana without poverty, that is our vision

With our projects, we contribute to reducing poverty, restoring and maintaining indigenous forest landscapes in Madagascar's village community of Fihaonana.

CHF 59'400 out of CHF 59'400
CHF 28'000 out of CHF 172'800

Project Tantely

Tantely produces honey, creates fair jobs and restores local forests.

Open project
CHF 269'120 out of CHF 269'120
CHF 37'218 out of CHF 228'000

Project Fianarana

Fianarana enables needy, motivated young people to study at university and helps them start their careers.

Open project
CHF 10'000 out of CHF 10'000
CHF 9'000 out of CHF 86'000

Project Sakafo with subproject Rano

Sakafo runs its own organic farm in Fihaonana and produces food for the benefit of our students and cost efficiency of Fianarana. Rano is responsible for building and maintaining the self-sufficient water infrastructure.

82 years old and yet so young

Fabio Müller and Nomena Ramarozatovo are leading the projects. They founded CHANGING together with our fundraising leader Masoud Saedavi.

CHF 1'200/month

Fabio Müller (25)

I'm leaving my life behind in Switzerland to give the gift of new life in Madagascar.

Trained businessman, co-leader of projects
CHF 1'200/month

Nomena Ramarozatovo (23)

50 years ago, my grandfather was a teacher in Fihaonana. I'm following in his footsteps and helping with development here.

Studied social worker, co-leader of projects
CHF 600/month

Masoud Saedavi (34)

As a former refugee child, I am very grateful today for the education I was able to enjoy in Switzerland.

Experienced fundraiser, fundraising leader
We live right in Fihaonana and are committed to making true change

And that is just one of the many advantages of working with us.

Structure and charitable status

Association in Switzerland

CHANGING has been tax-exempt from the Tax Department of the Canton of Lucerne since January 1, 2019 under registration number (PerSID) 2104616.

NGO in Madagascar

CHANGING has been registered as an NGO in Madagascar since June 7, 2023 under registration number 75/2023-BIM/ONG/REGAN. Local bureaucracy led to enormous delays.

Audit report

The auditor Lufida Revisions AG has audited the 2023 financial statements and found them to comply with the law and the articles of association.

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